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Ambitious and Sporty INTERN in Sales & Marketing with Mind5

Mind5 Training B.V.
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Einddatum Vacature:

Ambitious and Sporty INTERN in Sales & Marketing with Mind5

Mind5® Group B.V. has developed a new form of training which helps people to cope better with stress, pressure and crisis situations using a unique sports-based method.  

Since 2016 Mind5 Training B.V. has trained hundreds of people, including: students, top athletes, managers, retailers, entrepreneurs, people suffering from burnout, young professionals, people with traumatic experiences and even cancer patients. 

To continue this success, Mind5® is training trainers, coaches, teachers and managers worldwide who want to work with the Mind5® M.E.T.H.O.D.©. 

Mind5®’s knowledge and experience has been compiled into a license which is gained through participation in an online training course -"The Optimal Performance Leader program’’!


Therefore, as an intern you will have an important role to play.  This is why we are looking for: 

An ambitious sales and marketing intern with a lot of energy.  Somebody who can hardly sit still and does not like office work!

An individual with the guts to start a conversation, whilst behaving well, gaining trust and striving to deliver high quality.

Somebody who is reliable, honors their agreements and acts as a team player.  A person who always wants to learn more and is able to reflect on their own behavior.


Period and location


From the 1st of September (you can also apply if you are only available from 1st October 2019).  

You can work in our office in the Art of Living Well in Den Bosch, The Netherlands. We have an inspiring workplace in a beautiful building, there is even a sauna and a swimming pool on the roof terrace.

But, because we believe that you are more productive and creative when you are active and outside regularly, we will not let you sit in the office from 9 to 5!

You will go to training sessions and events, and will get the opportunity to work at home or in other locations.  In addition, you will be allowed to take long breaks, to work out, for example.

Each week we will discuss what your week will look like. But keep in mind, we like to work hard and keep our word, and loyalty, teamwork and responsibility are our top priorities.

You can work with us part-time or full-time, preferably for a minimum period of three months.


What will you do at Mind5®? 


We want to sell the Mind5® Optimal Performance Leader licensing and training courses internationally.  


You can help us with: 

- Searching for and approaching prospective clients via LinkedIn and email

- Conducting sales conversations with warm leads, initially together with someone from the Mind5® team, later independently by telephone or laptop.

- Helping to organize our events.

- Writing inspiring blogs for our webpage, Facebook and LinkedIn.

- Creating social media content. Here too you will work thoroughly and prepare a strategic plan. We are, however, practical and prefer results over a detailed plan.

- Plus, new tasks which will develop as Mind5® continues to grow.  


What do we offer?


You will be guided by the Mind5® team and founder Roelien Luijt. She has a background in sports marketing, business development and communication and will teach you everything about sales and marketing.

If you are able to aid the growth of our company using your sales skills, we will reward you for this and offer you a (additional) job.

You will be working for a dynamic start-up. We are growing fast and don't hesitate to make important decisions. We do business with courage, but we do like structure, well-considered choices, good organization and quality.

As a trainee you will get a lot of freedom and responsibility. It is important that you can deal with this properly, dare to ask questions, take initiative and are eager to learn. We certainly do not hire you to get coffee, do the shopping or make copies!

We will, of course, introduce and guide you. Giving you freedom and responsibility does not mean that we will "throw over the fence". We would like to invest in you and perhaps retain you after your internship if you are a good match for the company.


What skills and characteristics does the ideal candidate have?


- You dare to talk to people, you understand their needs and you can sell something with ease

- You respect CEOs, top athletes and top coaches, but you don't look up to them. You know that you have just as much to offer as they do.

- You write and speak English fluently. When people want to write an English text, they ask you for help. (This is a requirement).

- You are independent, proactive and eager to learn and you dare to take responsibility.

- You are able to read people well and have a high level of emotional intelligence.  

- You have excellent analytical skills and you are always eager to learn more and find out how things really work. 

- You can also work in a well-structured manner despite your enthusiasm and are only satisfied when the quality of your work is excellent.

- You are good with creating social media content, including creating and editing simple photo and video messages.

- You are interested in (sports) psychology and sociology and you are able to use the content of (popular) scientific articles for interesting blog posts and mailings.


Do you want to join our team?


Respond before the 15th of August by sending an email with a motivation letter and an overview of your education and experience to mentioning "Application Intern Sales and Marketing" in the subject line.

We do not expect a formal letter of application, but we do expect a nice email without spelling errors, in which you address:

- Your motivation and core values.

- What you expect from an internship at Mind5® Training B.V.

- Your ambitions for the future.

- Your love for sports.

- What appeals to you about our company.

- The requirements that your study program places on your internship position.


We look forward to your response!

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